Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Anonymous Could Unleash “Literally Explosive” Material on Bohemian Grove

Anonymous targets secretive power brokers as part of “the biggest day” in the group’s history.

The hackers’ collective Anonymous may have obtained “literally explosive” information concerning Bohemian Grove, an annual gathering of power brokers from the US and Europe set to meet this week in California, which many see as a nefarious avenue through which elitists secretly manipulate world affairs.

Bohemian Grove is a privately owned 2,700 acre compound in Monte Rio, California surrounded by giant old-growth redwood trees. Once a year it plays host to a bizarre confab attended by some of the most powerful people in the world, including many US politicians and government officials, during which participants embroil themselves in a heady mixture of plutocratic plotting and occult pagan ritual ceremonies.

The Anonymous hacking group, which has already announced its intention to occupy the entrance to the Bohemian Grove compound as a protest against the group’s secrecy, may also be about to leak a whole treasure trove of information about the organization as part of what has been dubbed “the biggest day in Anonymous’s history”.

As part of a series of hacks conducted to protest the treatment of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, to whom Anonymous has attached itself, the collective says it is about to unleash “literally explosive” material on a number of organizations, including the London Metropolitan Police and other agencies connected to the UK judicial system.

The hacks are timed to coincide with Assange’s appeal hearing against extradition, which begins today.

According to a report in the Guardian, one of the targets of the hacks could well be the Bohemian Grove club.

Speculation centres around material claimed to have been obtained last week from contractors relating to security and secrecy of “former world leaders”, or plans to target a senior leaders’ retreat at Bohemian Grove, California.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

One Step Closer to Immortality

"BBC Scientists in London created an artificial windpipe which was then coated in stem cells from the patient. Crucially, the technique does not need a donor, and there is no risk of the organ being rejected. The surgeons stress a windpipe can also be made within days. The 36-year-old cancer patient is doing well a month after the operation."

You're super rich. Your heart starts failing.
No worries, here is a new heart.

Your kidneys give up.
No worries, we'll sort that right out.

 With other advances in anti-ageing technology it looks like immortality may become a reality in the near future.

Long live the tyrants. 

Full article: BBC

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


We predict and forecast the future all the time. We do it with weather or in the stock market. People get very rich predicting the future price of oil or the future price of a stock based on events or past charts.

With weather they have gotten better with predicting the highs and lows of the day or the chance of rain. If you play the stock market and your right 65-70% of the time and you minimize your losses and maximize your gains, you will make good money over time.

This is Astrology. All you're doing is predicting the future based on past alignments of the planets. So if the planets aligned in a certain way and violence broke out in Asia 5-10 days after that alignment a couple of times in the past, then an Astrologer can predict that violence will break out in Asia in 5-10 days.

The problem occurs because the skeptic will give Astrology the 100% standard that's just silly. If the Astrologer isn't correct 100% of the time, then they're fake. The Astrologer isn't just guessing. They're predicting and forecasting the future based on past events. It's no different than looking at astock s past performence and saying the last 3 times the stock's chart looked like this the stock went up over 30%. This doesn't mean it's 100 percent certain the stock will go up.

So if you have 20 people that's born around the same time and there was the same alignment of planets and a high percentage of the group asre successful and own their own business or they're in management. Some of them are neat freaks and very ordered. If a person comes to the Astrologer and has the same or similar chart as the 20 people in the group, you can say the reason you're not happy with your current job is because you want to be in control. You probably think about running your own business or you think you can do a better job than your current manager. You might be a neat freak or you just like things to be in order. My suggestion would be to look into starting your own business on the side or seeing if there's a management program at your current job because you will probably be successful in these areas.

Again, the Astrologer will not be 100% correct but they're just making a future prediction based on data from past events. Here's a video of Skeptic Michael Shermer trying to debunk an Astrologer and it didn't work. The Astrologer turned out to have an accuracy rate of 77%.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Operation Green Rights - Anonymous Takes On Monsanto

Monsanto, a global agricultural biotechnology corporation, is the world's leading producer of herbicide and of genetically engineered seed. The truth is, however, that Monsanto is contaminating the world with chemicals and genetically modified food crops for profit while claiming to feed the hungry and protect the environment. In 2006, AGRA, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa, was established with funding from Bill Gates and The Rockefeller Foundation. Among the other founding members of, AGRA, we find: Monsanto, Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline, Procter and Gamble, Merck, Mosaic, Pfizer, Sumitomo Chemical and Yara. The fact that these corporations are either chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturers is no coincidence. Climate change offers these businesses a perfect excuse to prey on the poorest countries by swooping in to "rescue" the farmers and people with their GMO crops and chemical pesticides. These corporations eradicate the traditional ways of the country's agriculture for the sake of enormous profits.
 The introduction of GMOs drastically affects a local farmers income, as the price of chemicals required for GMOs and seeds from Monsanto cripples the farmer's meager profit margins. There are even many cases of Monsanto suing small farmers after pollen from their GMO crops accidentally cross with the farmer's crops. Because Monsanto has a patent on their brand of seed, they claim the farmer is in violation of patent laws.

Anonymous, the infamous cyber 'hackivist' group, responsible for many resistance rallies and hackings of various major companies and governments has decided that these 'disgusting and inhumane practices will not be tolerated.'

 I think it's extraordinary how Anon has surely moved away from doing things for the 'lulz' to actually protesting and trying to free oppressed and enslaved people all over the world.. It truly is a revolution.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Gaddafi vows to sting Europe like 'swarm of bees'

Libyan leader Moamar Gaddafi has threatened to launch attacks on European nations unless NATO stops its air strikes in the north African country.

The embattled leader says Libyan forces will target European "homes, offices, and families" in a series of attacks like "locusts and bees".

His message comes after France confirmed it had supplied weapons to anti-government rebels, delivering arms to Berber tribal fighters near the capital Tripoli.

Mr Gaddafi's threat was made during an audio message played to thousands of supporters gathered in Tripoli.

In the a speech to mark 100 days of the NATO military campaign, he also urged supporters to retrieve the weapons that France supplied to rebels battling his regime.

"The Libyan people are capable, one day, of taking the battle to Europe and the Mediterranean" region, Mr Gaddafi said in the message, as thousands of supporters massed in Green Square in the centre of the capital.

"They could attack your homes, your offices, your families [who] could become legitimate military targets because you have transformed our offices, headquarters, homes and children into military targets which you say are legitimate.

"If we decide to do so, we are capable of throwing ourselves on Europe like swarms of locusts or bees.

"So we advise you to back-track before you face a catastrophe."

The ever-flamboyant leader was speaking from a secret location, but his voice boomed across Tripoli's the landmark square, where the authorities were hoping to gather 1 million regime supporters.

The crowds, waving green flags and carrying portraits of Mr Gaddafi, chanted slogans of allegiance to "God, Gaddafi and Libya," while some fired guns into the air in celebration as the night sky was lit by fireworks.

"March on ... and seize the weapons that the French have supplied. If later you want to pardon them [the rebels], that's up to you," Mr Gaddafi said.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Real-Life Wizard Behind "Harry Potter"

The phenomenal success of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books, and the film based on "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," is introducing a whole new generation of children (and their parents) to the world of magic, sorcery and alchemy.

What is not widely known, however, is that at least one of the characters - and his magical quest - referred to in "Harry Potter" is based on a real alchemist and his strange experiments.

According to the Harry Potter stories, Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, earned his reputation as a great wizard due, in part, to his work on alchemy with his partner, Nicolas Flamel. And although Dumbledore, Harry and all the other teachers and students at Hogwarts are fictional, Nicholas Flamel was a real-life alchemist who dabbled in some of the most mystical corners of the magical arts, including the quest for an Elixir of Life. Some wonder, in fact, if Flamel is still alive!

When "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" was written, Flamel's age was pegged at 665 years. That would be just about right since the real Flamel was born in France around 1330. Through an astonishing series of events, he became one of the most famous alchemists of the 14th century. And his story is almost as fantastic and enchanting as Harry Potter's.

As an adult, Nicholas Flamel worked as a bookseller in Paris. It was a humble trade, but one that provided him with the relatively rare abilities to read and write. He worked from a small stall near the Cathedral of Saint-Jacques la Boucherie where, with his assistants, he copied and "illuminated" (illustrated) books.

One night, Flamel had a strange and vivid dream in which an angel appeared to him. The radiant, winged creature presented to Flamel a beautiful book with pages that seemed to be of fine bark and a cover of worked copper. Flamel later wrote down what the angel spoke to him: "Look well at this book, Nicholas. At first you will understand nothing in it - neither you nor any other man. But one day you will see in it that which no other man will be able to see."

Just as Flamel was about to take the book from the angel's hands, he awoke from his dream. Soon after, however, the dream was to weave its way into reality. One day when Flamel was working alone in his shop, a stranger approached him who was desperate to sell an old book for some much-needed money. Flamel immediately recognized the strange, copper-bound book as the one offered by the angel in his dream. He eagerly bought it for the sum of two florins.

The copper cover was engraved with peculiar diagrams and words, only some of which Flamel recognized as Greek. The pages were like none he had ever encountered in his trade. Instead of parchment, they seemed to be made from the bark of sapling trees. Flamel was able to discern from the first pages of the book that it was written by someone who called himself Abraham the Jew - "a prince, priest, Levite, astrologer and philosopher."

The strong memory of his dream and his own intuition convinced Flamel that this was no ordinary book - that it contained arcane knowledge that he feared he might not be qualified to read and understand. It could contain, he felt, the very secrets of nature and life.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

'Battery man' stuns scientists by conducting 20,000-volt current without feeling a thing

 Slavisa Pajkic has scientists scratching their heads because he can withstand high voltages without feeling a thing. Known as 'Battery Man', the machinist claims he can act as an insulator, conductor and even a heater. Videos on the internet show the 54-year-old powering up a lightbulb and cooking sausages by using energy stored in his body. Slavisa, from Pozarevac, Serbia, says he discovered his amazing talent when he was a teenager. He said: 'I was 17 years old when accidentally during work, I felt that electricity can not do anything. The rain was falling, and my colleagues made a metal fence." The fence somehow became live, and it was then his new life began. 'My friend, who was leaning against the fence, said he could feel electricity but as I approached and touched the wet spot, I felt nothing. 'I was open-mouthed, but then I realized that current could not harm my body. 'When there is a sudden power failure, my folks do not have to worry. My house is always shining. I can be an insulator, conductor, accumulator and heater. 'People have seen me on television so they are glad to meet me but afraid to shake hands.' The Serbian man set his first Guinness World record in 1983, when he allowed a current of 20,000 volts to pass through his body. His next accolade came in 2003, after he became the quickest man to heat up a cup of water to 97 degrees Celsius, in 1 minute and 37 seconds. He now hopes to set a third world record by charging on a million-volt power generator and shooting laser from his fingers. Slavisa added: 'I will try to charge on it and become a wireless laser man.'

Here are some videos of him in action:

I think it's amazing that some people have abilities like this and personally I would love to have something special myself.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Perhaps We Live In A Computer Simulation

“The observation made in 1965 by Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits had doubled every year since the integrated circuit was invented. Moore predicted that this trend would continue for the foreseeable future. In subsequent years, the pace slowed down a bit, but data density has doubled approximately every 18 months, and this is the current definition of Moore's Law, which Moore himself has blessed. Most experts, including Moore himself, expect Moore's Law to hold for at least another two decades.”

At times I wonder if this world is nothing more than some one elses's hobby, I imagined that the omniscient, omnipotent creator of the heavens and earth could be an advanced version of a guy who spends his weekends building model railroads or overseeing video-game worlds like the Sims. But now it seems quite possible. In fact, if you accept a pretty reasonable assumption of Dr. Bostrom’s, it is almost a mathematical certainty that we are living in someone else’s computer simulation.

This simulation would be similar to the one in “The Matrix,” in which most humans don’t realize that their lives and their world are just illusions created in their brains while their bodies are suspended in vats of liquid. But in Dr. Bostrom’s notion of reality, you wouldn’t even have a body made of flesh. Your brain would exist only as a network of computer circuits.

You couldn’t, as in “The Matrix,” unplug your brain and escape from your vat to see the physical world. You couldn’t see through the illusion except by using the sort of logic employed by Dr. Bostrom, the director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford.

Dr. Bostrom assumes that technological advances could produce a computer with more processing power than all the brains in the world, and that advanced humans, or “posthumans,” could run “ancestor simulations” of their evolutionary history by creating virtual worlds inhabited by virtual people with fully developed virtual nervous systems.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Japanese Government Pays 60 Trillion Yen to Stop More H.A.A.R.P. Attacks

The cowardly Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan handed 60 trillion yen over to the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate immediately after his country was attacked with HAARP and nuclear terror, according to Japanese security police sources. The extortion money was paid off following threats to use HAARP to cause Mt. Fuji to erupt. For those of you still too brainwashed to believe such a thing is possible, please take a look at the following transcript available on the US Defense Department’s home page:

It quotes then Secretary of Defense William Cohen as publicly stating in 1997 that:

“Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”

The chief suspects in the Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear terror attacks against Japan are US Senator J. Rockefeller and the Bush faction of the US corporate and criminal government.

Rockefeller is a power broker behind GE, the company that manufactured the flawed reactors now spewing radiation in Fukushima. In addition, US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell, acting as an envoy for Rockefeller, met with Japanese power broker Ichiro Ozawa on March 9th, two days before the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster hit Japan. During that meeting Campbell promised that if Ozawa cancelled his plans to split the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, Japanese public prosecutors would stop persecuting him, according to Japanese imperial family and Democratic Party sources. Ozawa was also promised control of zeolite deposits in Fukushima Prefecture, the sources said. Zeolite is used to clean up radioactive waste. It is also worth noting that Senator Rockefeller once wrote an introduction to a book by Ozawa.

In another sign this was a deliberate attack, experts at the University of Tokyo and well as in Italy detected HAARP signals focused on Fukushima in the hours before the earthquake and tsunami struck. The same signals have since been detected focused on Mt. Fuji where the ground water is heating up. In addition, over 5 different people have contacted this writer since the earthquake to warn that “Japan was about to sink into the ocean.”

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Scientists Successfully Implant Chip That Controls The Brain; Allowing Thoughts, Memory And Behavior To Be Transferred From One Brain To Another

"Scientists working at the University of Southern California, home of the Department of Homeland Security’s National Center for Risk and Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events, have created an artificial memory system that allows thoughts, memories and learned behavior to be transferred from one brain to another."

A team of scientists working in the fields of “neural engineering” and “Biomimetic MicroElectronic Systems” have successfully created a chip that controls the brain and can be used as a storage device for long-term memories. In studies the scientists have been able to record, download and transfer memories into other hosts with the same chip implanted. The advancement in technology brings the world one step closer to a global police state and the reality of absolute mind control. More terrifying is the potential for implementation of what was only a science fiction fantasy – the “Thought Police” – where the government reads people’s memories and thoughts and can then rehabilitate them through torture before they ever even commit a crime based on a statistical computer analysis showing people with certain types of thoughts are likely to commit a certain type of crime in the future.

We already pre-emptively invade nations and torture alleged terrorist suspects with absolutely no due process of law, so the idea of pre-emptively torturing a terrorist suspect beforehand to prevent them from committing an act of terrorism in the future really isn’t that far fetched of an idea. Perhaps a less sensational example would be using the technology as it is depicted the modern day Matrix movies, in which computer programs are uploaded into people’s brains allowing them to instantly learn how to perform a wide variety of tasks. This technology has potential for a wide array of applications. It could even be the breakthrough needed to create the the first long-imagined artificial intelligence network.

The world as we know it is incremental being changed into something that's slowly resembling something from a sci-fi movie. We will soon realise that we are sacrificing freedom for safety and eventually we will be trapped within a prison that the world has created for us humans.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Shroud of Turin Fake?

The Shroud of Turin was made by medieval artist Giotto, it was claimed yesterday.

The 14ft length of fabric, said to be the burial cloth of Christ, bears a faint image of a man and appears to be stained by blood.

However carbon-dating tests have suggested it was produced between 1260 and 1390.
Now Italian art expert Luciano Buso has suggested that the original cloth deteriorated and Giotto was asked to make a copy.

After months of careful examination of photographs of the Shroud - the relic is kept locked away and not available to be viewed unless on special occasions - Luciano Buso has come up with an idea worthy of a Da Vinci Code thriller.

He says that several veiled appearances of the number 15, hidden in the fabric by the artist, indicate Giotto created the Shroud in 1315 - and that it is a copy of the original which had been damaged and was then lost over the centuries.

Giotto was perhaps the best known artist of his time and was made famous for his decoration of the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, the fresco that depicts the life of the Virgin Mary and Christ.

Mr Buso insists that 700 years ago it was common practice for artists to insert partial dates into their works so as to guarantee their authenticity and it was known only to a handful of people so as to avoid forgeries.

His claims, which form part of a new book he has written, would coincide with 1980's carbon dating - which has been dismissed by the Church - and which puts the Shroud's origins in the early 14th century.

'He wasn't trying to fake anything, which is clear from the fact that he signed it ''Giotto 15'', to authenticate it as his own work from 1315. This was not a fake he was asked to make a copy of the original one.

'This original one was probably so deteriorated the Church asked one of the greatest artists at the time, Giotto, to make a copy and then the original was lost. What we have now is a copy of that one.

'For obvious reasons it was not widely publicised that it was a copy as that would have had repercussions for the Church - who I understand have been dismissive of my theory but I am confident that I am correct.'

No-one at Turin Cathedral where the Shroud is kept was available for comment but Professor Bruno Barberis, director of the Shroud Museum, said: 'I think the theory is ridiculous.

'His claim that Giotto made the Shroud are not very convincing to me and as far as we are concerned it was not made by an artistic method. Many people claim to have seen Greek and Hebrew writing in the Shroud but it's never been proven.

'We believe that the image on the Shroud was made by the body of a man who was tortured and then crucified - however there are still many tests that need to be carried out to prove one way or another what it's origins are.'

Monday, 20 June 2011

A shepherd claims her ‘psychic sheep’ saved her life by detecting that she had breast cancer.

Alfie, a five-year-old sheep is being hailed a hero by some in the UK and now has a following of hundreds of friends on Facebook.

Emma Turner was giving Alfie some medicine when he suddenly became aggressive and began head-butting her violently in the chest.

“Alfie is normally really well behaved but that particular day he went nuts and it took three of us to hold him down,” she says, according to Metro.

The incident left significant bruising on Turner's chest and it was only then that she noticed a lump in the middle of the bruise.

Alarmed, she went to her local hospital to have the lump checked.

Results from a biopsy confirmed that Ms Turner was suffering from the early stages of breast cancer.

Hospital staff told Turner that if Alfie had not head butted her when he had, the cancer would not have been detected until much later, by which time it would have spread.

Having undergone six months of chemotherapy, Turner now has to have a mastectomy but the upbeat farmer credits Alfie for saving her life.

"Those who say sheep are stupid usually don't know anything about sheep,” she says.

“Alfie is clever - he saved my life.”

Sunday, 19 June 2011

How Society Has Emasculated Men

The unintended consequences of feminism has changed the way men view themselves in relation to women. Men are now more feminine, weak and emotional than they were decades ago. Most blame this on the overcompensation of feminism that shuns males in society from being independent, dominant and assertive in their thinking. Men aren’t really appreciated for being men anymore. Women seem to want just a male version of themselves. Men are not wanted at all (except for the genetic donation, thank you very much!). We are breeding masculinity out of society, but what is even worse is the harm that the current ideology is having on the school-system. More and more schools are clamping down on irrepressible boyish behaviour, forcing them to act like girls. What they consider to be unruliness is simply normal boyish conduct. This problem is further exacerbated by a lack of male teachers, who have been resigning in droves.Why? Part of the reason is that male teachers suffer numerous innuendoes, malicious gossip, public libel, and even civil action, if they are seen hugging, or touching, a child. A man can no longer give fatherly love and support to a child, without being accused of pedophilia. (This problem also exists in other institutions and organizations, such as the Boy Scouts).The ultimate result from all this is a generation of boys growing up with no father figure in, or outside, the home. Has society paused to consider the effect of fatherlessness on children? Especially on young boys? Has it stopped to consider why the suicide rate is the highest amongst teenage-boys and young men?

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Today's Education Is A Mess

Education in today's world is truly a mess. School, college, university, etc, is actually psychologically designed to teach you how to follow orders and get in line - not how to prepare and set you for the real world and how to successful build your career. In my experience, private schools aren't significantly better than public schools. Yes, they might have slightly better scores etc, but the entire system fails because of it's failed principle of standardization. Not everyone is the same, like those in control would like us to believe. The true world powers have no interest in giving the people thinking skills, just basic skills to do slave jobs. This is why standardization is everywhere. Every single school in every developed nation that I know of dedicates its resources to making sure students meet standards... rather than cultivating actual thinking and problem solving skills. No doubt, they say they are teaching critical thinking and problem solving skills, but in reality, that is not what takes place in the class room, regurgitation - that's all it is. Students do well by memorizing book facts and rewriting them on exam papers.

Friday, 17 June 2011

The Water Fluoridation Controversy

The truth about fluoride is a lot like the truth about Enron, or Goldman Sachs, or every other shocking revelation that nobody believed until it suddenly became obvious that we were all being fooled for so long. Fluoride is a clever scheme, where a hazardous waste chemical is dumped into the environment by passing it through the bodies of people first. We, the People, have become the toxic waste dump site of the phosphate mining industry, and chances are, your local dentist fully supports this entire process.

Over the last several decades, an astonishing twenty-four studies have established a statistical link between fluoride exposure and low IQs in children. One study conducted by the Center for Endemic Disease Control in China found that each additional milligram of fluoride detected in every liter of a child's urine was associated with a 0.59 point decrease in their IQ score. Another study found that fluoride exposure slashed the number of children achieving "high IQs" by more than 70 percent. The truth is, it causes irreparable brain damage.

When dentists and doctors say they support fluoride in the water supply, what they're really saying is that they support the mass poisoning of the population with a highly toxic hazardous waste product that, if it weren't dripped into the water supply, it would have to be disposed of as highly toxic hazardous waste under strict EPA regulations.

Curiously, it is a violation of federal law to dump hexafluorosilicic acid or sodium silicofluoride into the water. Such an act, in fact, is considered an act of terrorism. Yet it is mysteriously allowed today as long as it is accompanied by a loosely-justified claim that "we're doing this to stop cavities."

It shouldn't be surprising, of course, to learn that a consuming a hazardous chemical might impair brain function. Water fluoridation, in turns out, may be the root cause of the alarming drop in academic aptitude among children in first-world nations. Historically speaking, the mathematics that used to be taught to eighth graders in the 1950s are now college-level courses in 2011. Maybe the reason why Johnny can't read or spell is because Johnny's been drinking too much fluoride.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

The Hollow Earth Theory

I'm sure you guys remember of have heard of the Flat Earth Society - a bunch of people who thought and proclaimed that the earth was indeed flat and if you tried to sail to the ends of the sea you'd fall of the ocean. Well lucky the theory didn't survive long thanks to our dear friend Christopher Columbus. Now days, however, there is a very popular theory on the earth's geography that states that our earth is actually.. Hollow? Not just earth, but practically all celestial bodies. Sound far fetched rite? Well there's plenty of information out there on this topic and quite a bit of facts.

'Apparently' there is really no North or South Pole. Where they are supposed to exist, there are really wide openings to the hollow interior of the Earth.The hollow interior of the earth, warmed by its central sun (the source of Aurora Borealis), has an ideal subtropical climate of about '76 degrees in temperature, neither too hot nor too cold. Arctic explorers found the temperature to rise as they travelled far north; they found more open seas; they found animals travelling north in winter, seeking food and warmth, when they should have gone south; they found the compass needle to assume a vertical position instead of a horizontal one and to become extremely eccentric; they saw tropical birds and more animal life the further north they went; they saw butterflies, mosquitoes and other insects in the extreme north, when they were not found until one is as far south as Alaska and Canada; they found the snow discolored by colored pollen and black dust, which became worse the further north they went. The only explanation is that this dust came from active volcanoes in the polar opening.

The crust of the earth being 800 miles thick. There exists two openings at the North and South Pole, each hole having a circumference of 1400 miles wide. At the center of the earth is not a molten core but an inner sun which is six hundred miles wide and is 2900 miles from the Inner Surfaces. The diameter of the lip at the opening at the poles is 1200 miles long, thus a person can not see the other side of the opening. How Gravity works then is the following. For the people who live on the outer surface, Gravity holds them down. For the people that live in the middle earth, the closer they get to the center of the crust (i.e. - 400 miles down), the less effect gravity will have upon them.

Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the United States Navy flew to the North Pole in 1926 and over the South Pole in 1929. he referred to Antarctica as "The Land of Everlasting Mystery". In reference to the North Pole he wrote: "I'd like to see that land beyond the North Pole, it is the Center of the Great Unknown.". In his diary, Byrd allegedly tells of entering the hollow interior of the earth, along with others and traveling 17 miles over mountains, lakes, rivers, green vegetation, and animal life. He tells of seeing tremendous animals resembling the mammoths of antiquity moving through the brush. He eventually found cities and a thriving civilization. The external temperature was 74 degrees F. His airplane was greeted by flying machines of a type he had never seen before. They escorted him to a safe landing area where he was graciously greeted by emissaries from Agartha. After resting, he and his crew, were taken to meet the king and queen of Agartha. They told him that he had been allowed to enter Agartha because of his high moral and ethical character. They went on to say that they worried about the safety of planet due to he bombs and other testing done above the surface by governments. After the visit Byrd and his crew were guided back to the surface of the planet. Byrd stated that the North and South Poles are only two of many openings into the center of the Earth. He also wrote about seeing a sun below the Earth.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Jewish Control of the Media

Before reading any further, please take not that I am not anti-semitic, nor do I endorse or support anti-semitism, in fact some of my very close friends are jews themselves and with this post I am simply posting facts.

Anyone with a set of eyes and a fully functioning brain can clearly see that the Jewish people have a complete stranglehold on the media (and government). For a variety of reasons, I will not get into all the "hows" and "whys" regarding this issue. It's a complex matter and I'll admit that I haven't quite put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Regardless, the facts are clear.

Contrary to what many people would say, this is not just a silly conspiracy theory. Nor is pointing this out "anti-Semetic" by any means. It is simply the truth -- and a damned relevant truth at that.

You see, many people, upon being backed into a corner and realizing that their Jewish-apologist arguments can be shot down with ease, very well may go on the defensive and say something along the lines of "Okay, so the Jews run the what?"

Monday, 13 June 2011

9/11 & Bin Laden

Was 9/11 an inside job? Was Bin Laden and Al Queda really behind it? Many believe that he was just used as a scapegoat used by the US as a means of starting a war for oil in the middle east, some even say he died years ago not in 2011! If this, however, is the truth, then that would mean the american government launching an attack on it's very own citizens for means of exploiting a war for oil. The alleged death of Bin Laden on the 1st of May 2011 is supposedly a hoax so well played by the American government, that the public believes it as so. One must think though: There were no pictures released, neither do they want to release any in the future, furthermore they threw the body into the ocean? Sounds very far fetched to me, I personally wouldn't think that such a high profile fugitive would be disposed in such a manner as well as announced in public to have been 'delt with' without proof. It's a shame that America is such a propaganda machine blaming it's actions on scapegoats but it's also a good thing that more and more people are starting to wake up in this crazy world and realising what's really going on behind the scenes.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

America - Land of the Dying

Let’s face it: the United States is like the former Yugoslavia – a collection of mutually antagonistic cultures united in name only. You’ve got your own version of the Taliban: right-wing Christian fundamentalists who actively loathe the idea of secular Constitutional government. You’ve got a vast intellectual underclass that has spent the last few decades soaking up Fox News and talk radio propaganda, eager to blame the collapse on Democrats, gays and immigrants. You’ve got a ruthless ownership class that will use all the means at its disposal to protect its wealth from the starving masses. On top of all that you’ve got vast factory farms, sprawling suburbs and a truck-based shipping system, all of it entirely dependent on oil that is about to become completely unaffordable. And you’ve got guns. Lots of guns. In short: the United States is about to become a very unwholesome place to be.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Facebook to share user phone numbers, home addresses with third parties.

"Facebook will move forward with a plan to allow third parties to access the personal data of users, the latest in a series of moves drawing controversy over the privacy of its massive consumer base. The feature will permit applications to seek the private data of Facebook account holders, such as phone numbers and home addresses."

One thing I don't quite understand, for what legitimate purposes might an application desire the personal data of Facebook users? Seems very fishy to me. I think users of Facebook should fully understand that, despite their privacy settings, their profile is public and any personal details they add onto the site should already be considered leaked.

Friday, 10 June 2011

NATO: Anonymous will be "infiltrated" and "persecuted"

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization contains the combined military might of 28 member countries, including Germany, the United Kingdom, and France. All three of those nations, and the United States, possess huge armies, nuclear weapons, and are committed to Article Five of NATO's charter:

"The Parties agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all and consequently they agree that, if such an armed attack occurs, each of them, in exercise of the right of individual or collective self-defence recognised by Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations, will assist the Party or Parties so attacked."

What the alliance worries about most these days is not an "armed attack," but a cyberattack on its network servers, or the infrastructure of any of its member countries, furthermore WikLeaks and Anonymous get top billing as visible threats to NATO's efforts to control its information perimeters.A big chunk of the assessment is devoted to the activities of Anonymous, most notably its denial-of-service attacks against PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and for shutting down financial and server space services to WikiLeaks. Next comes the Anonymous assault on HBGary Federal, which had been planning some methods to take down WikiLeaks and expose Anonymous. It didn't turn out that way, of course. Instead, Anonymous penetrated the security company, erasing data, publishing e-mails, and wrecking its website.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Video Gamers Can Control Dreams - According to Study

"Playing video games before bedtime may give people an unusual level of awareness and control in their dreams."

According to a study, video gamers, especially avid gamers who spend most of their time playing games, have the sub-conscious ability to want to control their environment, this can translate into their dreams making it lucid, they are also less prone to motion sickness and have better spatial skills. It is thought that the high level of focus or concentration that gamers undergo during hours of playing becomes a habit and it infiltrates their dreams, furthermore it is often found common for gamers to experience lucid dreaming. Perhaps it could be helpful to use playing games as a means of fighting nightmares or even mental trauma.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The New World Order

Some feel its Biblical Prophecy, others an end of an Age, some believe it to be a conspiracy of men, and man alone dating back thousands or years or more, in order to create a One World Government and a New World Order, some consider forces of Darkness and Evil, and Good and Light are colliding, some even believe Alien Species from Other Worlds or even Other Dimensions are at play and involved, while some just see an unconnected series of random events based on greed, power and desire. While we might not agree on just what is transpiring, we all believe something is transpiring. Many believe one war or another it is going to lead to a radical change in government and how we live our lives here on Earth. Most people who feel this believe there will be a New One World Religion, to go along with a New One World Government, and a New One World Currency. The common idea is that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government which replaces sovereign nation-states and an all-encompassing propaganda that ideologies its establishment as the culmination of history's progress. Significant occurrences in politics and finance are speculated to be orchestrated by an unduly influential cabal operating through many front organizations. Whatever the truth may be, we may be in for one hell of a ride.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program has been a target for conspiracy theorists that state the program is being used for malevolent tactics such as manipulating weather, causing floods, droughts, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and devastating earthquakes in any areas of the world. This is supposable done by a form of geoengineering using the localised atmospheric upcurrents that result when the ionosophere is focally heated by a HAARP antenna. Such upcurrents, if in proximity to a polar or subtropical jet stream, could theoretically locally disrupt or "bend" the jet stream, influencing regional weather patterns. Most think that this is the case due to the fact that the program's purpose seems deeply mysterious to the scientifically uninformed. Some believe that HAARP is the test run for a super-powerful radiowave-beaming technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere by focusing a beam and heating those areas. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto earth and penetrate everything - living and dead. HAARP publicity gives the impression that the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program is mainly an academic project with the goal of changing the ionosphere to improve communications for our own good. However, other U.S. military documents put it more clearly - HAARP aims to learn how to "exploit the ionosphere for Department of Defense purposes." Communicating with submarines is only one of those purposes.

Monday, 6 June 2011

China Developing Anti-Gravity Technology

An independent UK inventor has successfully created an anti-gravity device that could one day power human spacecraft. Dubbed the 'EmDrive' it is an electromagnetic propulsion engine that uses microwave technology to convert electrical energy into thrust. It uses no propellant. Roger Shawyer's experimental Emdrive could ultimately prove to be a breakthrough in propulsion technology. For starters, it makes possible vertical takeoffs with slow ascents and using very little acceleration. In a military context this is a huge benefit because currently ballistic missiles launched from anywhere on Earth can be immediately spotted from orbiting satellites. An undetected, silent delivery of a deadly nuclear payload is an obvious military advantage. Other applications would undoubtedly be revolutionary for civilian transport. The flying cars that aeronautical engineers have been dreaming of could be soon realized. According to Shawyer, "the technology is firmly anchored in the basic laws of physics."

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Freemasonry and Secret Societies

The Freemasons are the oldest and largest, world wide, all-male "brotherhood" fraternity that have so-called "lodges" across the world. Although of a religious nature, Freemasonry is not a religion. It urges its members, however, to be faithful and devoted to their own religious beliefs. As a fraternity, Freemasonry provides an opportunity for men to meet and enjoy friendly companionship. In the spirit of helpfulness and brotherly love and guided by strict moral principles it encourages goodwill toward all mankind. Freemasonry is of a personal nature in its private ceremonies. Its ritual dramatizes a philosophy of life based on morality. It promotes self improvement. The tools of operative masons are used to symbolize and teach the basic principles of brotherly love, charity, and truth which Masons are encouraged to practice in their daily lives. Charity is a tangible way in which Masons help those whose circumstances in life fairly warrant it. The masons often raise and/or give money to charity and help with community work. Over the century, the media and such have often given a negative connotation to Freemasons and secret societies alike, referring to them as Luciferians or satan worshipers as they tend to believe in 'illumination' and such is revered as worship in Lucifer - being the morning star and the bringer of 'light' - illumination. Then again, who wouldn't think secret groups of people consisting of powerful men - world leaders and such, getting together and sharing time/information with each other, doesn't look suspicious in the public eye?

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Monarch Programming

One of the best kept secrets in history is the Monarch Mind-control programming technique which uses trauma-based mind control to create humans who are totally controlled by a 'handler' without even knowing that they are controlled. This is accomplished by sophisticated use of the brain's ability to disassociate, which is used to the extreme to create structured multiple-personality disordered minds. The basic component of the Monarch program is the sophisticated manipulation of a child's mind to protect itself from extreme trauma by creating Multiple Personality Disorders. The most inhumane severe torture is used on children to create extensive these MPD's, then the various altered personalities are programmed using state of the art techniques of harmonics and sound waves.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Psy-Ops & Propaganda

Psychological warfare and propaganda has it's name written in history for turning tides, influencing the public and mobilizing a country for war by mind altering techniques. Most people think that after the world and cold wars that these techniques were stopped by the governments and world leaders, unfortunately the sad reality is that psy-ops still exists and is being used to this day to manipulate the public. Such the American administration has been doing for decades to maintain support for it's increasingly aggressive war policies that keep bringing them into conflict with more and more nations. Tactics are used to convince Americans of some moral superiority complex and a better way of life that they are supposedly providing through killing civilians to presumably protect those same civilians from their own government. I mean who out there doesn’t like to be flattered and believe they are associated and part of the ‘best’ or ‘winning’ or ‘right’ team? The old saying "ignorance is bliss" comes into play here, I personally believe that some people do understand what's going here but are too lazy to do anything about it and just carry on with their own lives. People can remain in their own paradigms, their very own little reality boxes, and be ignorantly happy. However, your rights AND your money will continue to be stripped away with this belief. It's just like the pan and the frog. Slowly turn up the heat and they never know until they die.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Undernet

The undernet, also known as the deep web, the deep net or the darknet, are parts of the internet which aren't found by search engines and are usually "hidden" or inaccessible from normal, everyday internet users. Such sites can only be accessed by a proxy or entering the URL manually or only when you are given authorization. Places such as The Onion Router lets you connect to their network via use of a proxy and you can then access and communicate with .onion nodes under anonymity. Now what kind of information do these sites and networks hold? Well for the most part one can find child porn, drug cartels, hidden file hosting, assassination markets and much other info. If you do get to browse these parts of the internet I recommend using a specialized browser with has java/flash/cookies turned off as well as the option to delete the browser cache and history once you're done - Just in case as I'm sure you'd want to rather be safe than sorry.Security Agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NSA and most likely other international agencies DO check and monitor these sites and networks so you want to tread carefully.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

How To Get the Best Out of Sleeping

Have you ever slept for an extended period of time only to wake up feeling tired and sluggish? Well the thing about sleep is that the length of sleep is not what causes us to be refreshed upon waking, it is the number of complete cycles our brains go through. It takes the average person +-90 minutes to go through all 5 phases which completes a single sleep cycle, thus if someone only gets 3 hours of sleep, they will wake up feeling refreshed even though they haven't fully replenish their energy. If you wake up in the middle of a cycle or when a cycle hasn't completed, you will wake up feeling tired and not so alert. Due to this it is recommended that you sleep in multiples of 90 minutes or 1 1/2 hours a day, this does not have to be sequential as you could get 6 hours core sleep at night and a 90 minute nap some other time during the day. As long as your brain finishes a cycle you will feel refreshed and good to go, however in order to fully replenish and restore mind/body energy you should get at minimum, 6 hours of total sleep during a 24-hour period. Furthermore you shouldn't make it a habit to sleep for more than 9 hours as it could cause permanent brain damage and your muscle mass and strength will decrease. Ideally, one should aim for 6/7.5/9 hours of sleep on a daily basis.

Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is dreaming while being conscious of the fact that you are dreaming, this is something that occurs rarely naturally so most people who experience lucid dreams have developed the habit of doing so over time. Why would anyone want to lucid dream? Well think about it for a second, when you dream, you usually have no awareness of the fact that you're actually dreaming, it's all a haze of memories and thoughts and since you're thinking on a sub-conscious level you actually believe that you're not dreaming so anything you dream about you react to as if you were awake. I'm pretty sure you thought or had that before, when dreaming everything seems normal, it's only until we wake up that we realize that we were dreaming.

Have you ever thought of doing something but were too ashamed or embarrassed to do it? Like asking out that hot person on a date, being the life of the party or even talking shit straight to your boss? Some people start practicing lucid dreaming for this very purpose, simulating awkward social situations with the calm of mind, knowing that you're in control can help you overcome practically anything. Lucid dreaming can also be used for stopping nightmares and generally doing whatever you want in them(yes anything). It is, however, not exactly the easiest thing to master and control. Once your brain realizes you're awake while in REM state(dream state), it kicks you out of it back into the normal conscious state. Now obviously there are ways around this, such as keeping calm once you realized you're dreaming. Here's a method for you to try:

Friday, 27 May 2011

NLP and Memetic Warfare


NLP, fully known as neuro-linguistic programming, are various methods that can affect a person's mental and emotional behavior as well as thought patterns, essentially psychological influence and manipulation. For example there's the handshake interrupt, where you pretend to shake someone's hand, then pull away before contact. Supposedly, this confuses their subconscious, leaving them open to suggestion.. By the use of certain language, body posture, gestures, speech patterns and breathing rate, you can influence someone's behavior patterns, habits, their mental state, the way they act, the way they think and the way they respond. This can all be influenced on a subconscious level, which will, in time, affect them on a conscious level without them even noticing it. When surreptitiously copying your target's behaviour (such as rapport/mirroring) you can eventually stop following and actually start leading, changing and influencing the way they do things. The time this takes will vary depending on whether you want to change surfaces behaviours or deeper, rooted habits that will obviously take a longer period of time to influence change upon.

Memetic warfare is the use of meme's to influence a large group/community/population/most likely even the world to act and behave in certain patterns and manners, Basically NLP on a large-scale. A meme is a sort of imitation unit, it consists of imitating something or someone in a particular manner, by imitating we allow those around us to imitate in the same way, thus, spreading the meme and steering a population in the direction of influence. Meme's are usually acquired and passed on

Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Power of the Internet

My earliest thoughts of the internet were back in primary school, back then all I had was a 56K connection and since it was primarily used by my mother for work purposes I didn't have much interest in seeing what I could do with it. The internet for me back then, however, I thought of as a great, amazing wonder that I had yet to explore. All of the childhood wonders that any boy around my age back then had, could have been fulfilled by the internet, and I'm not necessarily talking about porn.

What started off as a military project ended up connecting the people of the world in almost every way possible, the internet has revolutionized the world over the past decade and changed the very way people live their lives. Now days society tends to rely more and more on utilising the net for various purposes such as socializing, networking, job finding, love matching, buying/selling/auctioning their favourite second hand items, posting and sharing stories/pictures/videos about their lives with the world, playing games, watching and listening to their favourite music and movies and even working using the net! The world has forever changed since the invention of the internet and society will continue to find more and more ways to use the net to their benefit. This can be both a good and bad thing I think, good as innovation always helps change and develop things to become better and more efficient in this chaotic world we live in, bad in the way that people over time start becoming less intellectual and slothful due to "over convenience".

Whatever the internet ends up evolving into in the future, we will continue to use it for both good and bad things.. Nothing good is ever truly good is it?

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Thoughts on Religion

First of all, I'm not a very religious person, however I am quite spiritual to some degree. I personally think that religion is necessary to maintain and anchor society - the average person needs some sort of backbone, a raison d'etre if you will. It also helps create order, limits and tolerance to prevent society from being overrun by chaos, society and communities a like have heavy relied on religion in the past to guide their way of life. Religion, however, enforces people to not be intellectual by commanding them to believe in some sort of ancient text or a spiritual leader on how to "live". This in my opinion defeats the very purpose of being alive, I believe that one cannot fully "live" in this world without experiencing various, different, extraordinary experiences being both "good and evil" in a religious sense.

The leaders of this world make very good use of religion to control the general public into their will. Most don't understand this as they are constantly bombarded by society, family, friends, community spiritual leaders, etc into acting as sheep and going with the flow, it's a lot easier and convenient to do what peers do rite? Besides, no one wants to be an outcast for not acting the way society demands you to act.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The end of the world? Not likely..

So the world's still here, no death, no gore, no plague, no earthquakes, no tsunami's, no economy crisis, no zombies, no rapture. NO JESUS! :D both a good and bad thing, I think some people would have actually benefited if some shit did go down, but since it didn't the people who invested in such a prediction sacrificed a lot of good things, for some, everything in their lives at that moment.. Oh well it just goes to show that any old fool with charisma can get rich and troll the whole world.