Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Undernet

The undernet, also known as the deep web, the deep net or the darknet, are parts of the internet which aren't found by search engines and are usually "hidden" or inaccessible from normal, everyday internet users. Such sites can only be accessed by a proxy or entering the URL manually or only when you are given authorization. Places such as The Onion Router lets you connect to their network via use of a proxy and you can then access and communicate with .onion nodes under anonymity. Now what kind of information do these sites and networks hold? Well for the most part one can find child porn, drug cartels, hidden file hosting, assassination markets and much other info. If you do get to browse these parts of the internet I recommend using a specialized browser with has java/flash/cookies turned off as well as the option to delete the browser cache and history once you're done - Just in case as I'm sure you'd want to rather be safe than sorry.Security Agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NSA and most likely other international agencies DO check and monitor these sites and networks so you want to tread carefully.


  1. Sad thing is, they know stuff like this exists. Yet most governments are mostly concerned with suing people who have very little money over "copyright infringement" thanks to the steady cash flow supporting it coming from big media conglomerates.

    Sick, sad, pathetic world we live in these days...

  2. I think I've seen everything the deep web has to offer, minus the cp. I wish I knew of more places to go off hiddenwiki and tor dir.

    Do I get in trouble if I blog about how to go there and what to do?

  3. Why would you go on it cause i heard there was even necrophilia on it, it damages your computer and your mental health
    I'm saving your sanity


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