Friday, 27 May 2011

NLP and Memetic Warfare


NLP, fully known as neuro-linguistic programming, are various methods that can affect a person's mental and emotional behavior as well as thought patterns, essentially psychological influence and manipulation. For example there's the handshake interrupt, where you pretend to shake someone's hand, then pull away before contact. Supposedly, this confuses their subconscious, leaving them open to suggestion.. By the use of certain language, body posture, gestures, speech patterns and breathing rate, you can influence someone's behavior patterns, habits, their mental state, the way they act, the way they think and the way they respond. This can all be influenced on a subconscious level, which will, in time, affect them on a conscious level without them even noticing it. When surreptitiously copying your target's behaviour (such as rapport/mirroring) you can eventually stop following and actually start leading, changing and influencing the way they do things. The time this takes will vary depending on whether you want to change surfaces behaviours or deeper, rooted habits that will obviously take a longer period of time to influence change upon.

Memetic warfare is the use of meme's to influence a large group/community/population/most likely even the world to act and behave in certain patterns and manners, Basically NLP on a large-scale. A meme is a sort of imitation unit, it consists of imitating something or someone in a particular manner, by imitating we allow those around us to imitate in the same way, thus, spreading the meme and steering a population in the direction of influence. Meme's are usually acquired and passed on
without us consciously recognizing that we are doing so. So much of our culture and our personalities are based on this principle of imitation that we will often imitate a word, phrase, way of thinking, accent, or whatever that we have seen and heard around us without realizing what we are doing or where we have picked it up from. Memetic warfare is an easy way of controlling society ad steering them in the direction you want them to go. Governments and top world leaders mostly likely use these techniques to control their nations and keep them under control.

Now mind control certainly isn't anything new in the field of conspiracy theories but the sad reality is, if the possibility of it exists, it can certainly can become reality in the world we live. 


  1. Very interesting post. NLP is so powerful, pretty scary when you think about it.

  2. never knew how powerful NLP was

  3. I never figured out how they worked

  4. Very interesting and very powerful stuff, heard about this when I started doing sales. Can be ethically questioned though when brought it into a sales situation though I think

  5. yea is similar to what coca-cola did, when they put a coca-cola ad every few frames in the movie jaws.

  6. Subliminal! Nice post, very interesting. Makes you wonder how we're subtly influenced every day.