Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The end of the world? Not likely..

So the world's still here, no death, no gore, no plague, no earthquakes, no tsunami's, no economy crisis, no zombies, no rapture. NO JESUS! :D both a good and bad thing, I think some people would have actually benefited if some shit did go down, but since it didn't the people who invested in such a prediction sacrificed a lot of good things, for some, everything in their lives at that moment.. Oh well it just goes to show that any old fool with charisma can get rich and troll the whole world.


  1. He has charisma? e_o Blah. This world is ruled by a small group of people we don't even know about. We're all stupid. The end of the world will be when... the world will end o.ob

  2. Haha I can't believe this guy, what a fool.

  3. They should move their prediction to 2112. That way they won´t be mistaken in their lifetime. Assholes!!!