Saturday, 18 June 2011

Today's Education Is A Mess

Education in today's world is truly a mess. School, college, university, etc, is actually psychologically designed to teach you how to follow orders and get in line - not how to prepare and set you for the real world and how to successful build your career. In my experience, private schools aren't significantly better than public schools. Yes, they might have slightly better scores etc, but the entire system fails because of it's failed principle of standardization. Not everyone is the same, like those in control would like us to believe. The true world powers have no interest in giving the people thinking skills, just basic skills to do slave jobs. This is why standardization is everywhere. Every single school in every developed nation that I know of dedicates its resources to making sure students meet standards... rather than cultivating actual thinking and problem solving skills. No doubt, they say they are teaching critical thinking and problem solving skills, but in reality, that is not what takes place in the class room, regurgitation - that's all it is. Students do well by memorizing book facts and rewriting them on exam papers.

The US Federal government has no place standardizing students and their learning experience. The funds used for the DOE and other illegitimate federal organizations should not be taken from the taxpayers. But it is, leaving no money to pay the actual educators.The entire education system and process is a travesty. We enslave children for 14 years of their lives and when the "graduate" a huge number still can't read or do basic math. And on top of that, if you want to make even a decent income you have to waste four more years in college re-hashing the same information you were supposed to learn in high school. More money isn't the solution. We need to re-think the entire process.We need to stimulate our children's minds, instead of letting
them become stagnant. Most children are creative geniuses. It's the adults who change that.

"If we were doing, such a wonderful job, at producing such geniuses coming out of universities. Do you think we'd be in the problems we're in now? Do you think we would be among the most unhealthy nation of people in developed nations? Do you think we'd be gobbling down junk food? Do you think we'd be prescription drug addicts as a society? Do you think we'd be in the greatest recession, that's heading towards the greatest depression? Do you think we'd be in Iraq and wasting trillion of dollars fighting, loosing wars in Afghanistan and now in Pakistan? Do you think we'd have presidents and senators and congressmen and legislators, of such low mentality that we have now? Do you think we'd have the rampant greed of the white-shoed boys on Wall Street? If the universities were turning out anything of quality considering the trillions that are spent and the tens of millions that are educated? By their deeds you shall know that, look what American education have produced. -Gerald Celente"

Here's a documentary I found extremely interesting and if you don't mind watching for about an hour, I'd urge you to consider watching it and giving it food for thought.  


  1. Glad to see im not the only one who believes in almost every conspiracy theory

  2. Great text, and nice documentary.

  3. The US education system has been floundering for a while. How is it we're cutting public school courses, yet college enrollment is at a all time high, and the rates to go are higher then ever. Be born rich or take out $60k in loans. good luck finding a job to pay you that after graduating.

  4. Very interesting, always thought something like this could behind it

  5. So true. Education teaches us how to be submissive industrial laborers, not original thinkers. Elite schools (where rich people send their kids) actually do teach creative thought though.

  6. The international "education" system, and the American university system is doing what it aims to do.
    People (who generally are talking out of their arse) might complain about universities not producing enough "geniuses", but if that's the case then where are the falling medical and legal standards?
    The fact is the standard of living remains improving, throughout the world (despite local and internation dips, ie the world credit 'crisis') .

    The problem could be said that most schools do not focus on "education" so much as job training. But it can't be helped, people complain when they are taught something "they can't use".

    This is the transcript of a short satirical radio broadcast on the subject: